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30 adjectives to describe personality

Benjamin's English Classes (engVid)

Have you ever been asked to describe yourself? To talk about ...


Splendid Speaking: Speaking Skills for Advanced Learners of English


Splendid Speaking supports advanced learners of English who want ...


The Schwa - The Unstressed sound of English

The Accent's Way

The Schwa is one of the most common vowel sounds in English. So ...


The Secret to Improve American English Pronunciation

Go Natural English

It’s no secret that English is a very complicated language ...


8 Tips for British English Pronunciation

English Jade - Learn English (engVid)

Take your English to the next level by learning eight ...


Introduction to The Sounds of English - Intermediate level

BBC Learning English

A series of programmes from BBC Learning English focussing on ...


Useful pronunciation links

Teaching English (British Council)

Check out this Teaching English (British Council) Facebook page ...


Can you say these English sounds?

British Council ESOL Nexus

Practise the different sounds of English, improve your stress ...


Commonly Mispronounced Words for English Language Learners

Business English Resources

Here are some words that English language learners often ...


How important is pronunciation in the IELTS Speaking Test?

Maghoosh IELTS

This website answers the questions: How important is my ...


Tongue Twisters to improve your English pronunciations

Learn English with Let's Talk

She sells seashells on the sea shore! Can you get your tongue ...


Interactive phonemic chart

British Council

Click on the symbols to hear the sounds. A handy reference for ...


Pronunciation in the IELTS Speaking Test

British Council

Improve your IELTS scores by understanding the aspects of ...


IELTS Pronunciation Guide

IELTS Advantage

This website is a comprehensive guide to all you need to ...


Phonetics: the sounds of speech

University of Iowa

Click on the phonetic symbol to hear the sound and observe the ...


Why we procrastinate / Vik Nithy


Despite being diagnosed with ADHD only after finishing his ...