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How to understand native English speakers... and speak like them!

JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)

You've been studying English for a long time. You already ...


Learn English like a Baby - How to Sound Native

Rachel's English

What do babies do to speak with a perfect accent?  How can ...


The RP English Accent - What is it, how does it sound, and who uses it?

Benjamin's English Classes (engVid)

In this lesson, you will learn about "Received ...


How SENTENCE STRESS changes meaning in English

Learn English with Emma [engVid]

What is sentence stress? How does it change the meaning of a ...


Top 10 Tips for Pronunciation Mastery

Heather Hansen

Do you want to speak English with clarity and confidence? Here ...


Speaking English with Confidence and Overcoming Painful Lessons

Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen, Clear Speech Specialist, talks about how painful ...


The best way to learn pronunciation

Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen, Clear Speech Specialist, answers this question ...


Overcome Your Fear of Speaking English

Heather Hansen

Do you fear speaking English? Do you feel like people don't ...


Travel English: Going to a hotel [5 Advanced Expressions]

Speak English With Vanessa

Speak English With Vanessa helps English learners to speak ...


Intonation: Asking Questions in British English

ETJ English

In this intonation/pronunciation lesson, Elliott from EJT ...


This simple word can make you sound more like a native speaker of English!

English Lessons with Adam [engVid]

You may have noticed that native English speakers shorten ...


5 sounds to pronounce the letter 'A' correctly

Voice & Accent Training

In this English lesson you will learn 5 different sounds that ...


Improve Your Listening, Pronunciation And Vocabulary

Yeah Like

Discover tips and tricks to improve various aspects of your ...


Short and Long

English Lessons with Alex (engVid)

Do native speakers have a hard time understanding you? Even if ...


Podcast: Pronunciation tips

IELTS Podcast

Ten pronunciation tips for the IELTS Speaking exam with links to ...


How to Link Words - Pronunciation Lesson

Oxford Online English

Do you sometimes find it difficult to understand spoken English? ...